Dynatrace observability challenges

Navigating today’s observability challenges with Dynatrace 

In the dynamic landscape of modern enterprise technology, achieving delivery excellence and cost reduction remains a key focus for senior IT leaders. Calitii’s extensive experience in implementing best-of-breed tool chain capabilities at scale within regulated markets, means we have identified significant opportunities for improvement for our clients. In this blog, we’ll look at the challenges around organisational silos and highlight the transformative potential of observability-driven approaches. 

Breaking Down Silos for Delivery Excellence:
Organisational silos often hinder delivery excellence, particularly within the realms of the CTO, engineering, and controls environments. The consolidation of key capabilities supporting observability at the tooling, process, and organizational levels emerges as a pivotal solution. The breaking down of these silos not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets the stage for cost reduction. 

The Complexity Conundrum:
Enterprises frequently employ a multitude of competing products for observability services, further compounded by the availability of cloud-specific native offerings. This complexity not only increases operational costs but also poses challenges in terms of compliance and audit. Streamlining observability services is crucial, ensuring a clear view of interdependent systems at both the workload and infrastructure levels. 

Importance of Actionable Insights:
In an era where customer-facing services rely on intricate, interdependent systems, the ability to understand the health of this complexity in real-time becomes paramount. “Observability Driven DevSecOps” emerges as a gateway to significant gains in delivering modern regulated enterprise technology services. Actionable insights must extend beyond raw IT measures, focusing on business success metrics to meet customer expectations. 

Service Level Sweet Spot:
Navigating the delicate balance of setting appropriate error budgets, SLAs, and SLOs is vital for success. Achieving an “Observability Driven DevSecOps” approach can help organizations find the “Service Level Sweet Spot,” ensuring that performance metrics are neither set too high nor too low. This approach aligns IT objectives with true business value, contributing to operational resilience and customer satisfaction. 

Drawing from our expertise across CICD, Service Management, controls, and compliance functions, we have codified an approach that empowers enterprises to own their journey toward observability excellence. This journey leads to improvements in operational resilience, total cost of ownership, regulatory compliance, and engineer satisfaction. Industry-leading DORA metrics, including lead time for changes, deployment frequency, change failure rate, and time to restore service, reflect the success of our approach. 

In pursuit of our mission to enable enterprises to capitalise on observability opportunities, Calitii have selected Dynatrace as a strategic partner. Dynatrace’s Davis® AI engine, with its AIOps capabilities, aligns seamlessly with our requirements, continuously driving towards the ever-evolving “Service Level Sweet Spot.” Excellent integration capabilities within the ServiceNow ecosystem, combined with the ability to provide business-relevant views on service performance positions, makes Dynatrace a key player in supporting our mission to help our customers achieve their valuable business goals. 

Together, Calitii and Dynatrace, stand committed to empowering enterprises on their journey to observability excellence, setting new benchmarks for success for Enterprise customer’s DevSecOps journeys. 

David Keane
Co-founder & Head of DevOps