ServiceNow Washington DC Release - A Developers Perspective
Washington DC release – a developer’s perspective

The Washington DC release has been available for a couple of weeks. In his recent LinkedIn article, Bradley DeBono, Senior ServiceNow Technical Consultant at Calitii, has checked out some of its new features and just how they can deliver more by putting Developers front and centre. The new and updated features & functionality include:

  • Background Script Editor
  • Log Attribution
  • Application Manager
  • Clone Admin Console
  • ServiceNow SDK
  • Flow Designer
  • Access Controls

Summarising his review, Bradley pointed out that over the past few years, low-code and no-code solutions have been a focus for ServiceNow which has helped lower the barrier to entry for new developers, attract less experienced talent and democratise development to individuals who might have no interest in being a developer at all. In some ways, the Washington DC release feels like an expansion in the opposite direction. With pro-code features like improving the background script experience and the SDK, the now platform opens itself up to attract “traditional” developers and broadens the horizons for those of us that are already working in ServiceNow.

Read the full LinkedIn article.